Submission on health and medical research in Australia

SOfASD and A4 sent a submission to the the Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia (see The submission suggests that research funding has a greater chance of having more impact when it is addresses health issues with higher "burden of disease and injury". It mentions that autism has a high burden for children (highest for boys), based on the available evidence ... yet very little of Australia's health and medical research funding is spent on autism.

Half of Australia’s carers are depressed – making a hard job even harder

Carers Week 14 – 20 October 2012

Research suggests that more than half of Australia’s carers (56 per cent) have at least moderate depression and a fifth of them have severe depression.

Research also shows that due to the constant and sometimes overwhelming nature of their roles, these people are often at greater risk of developing depression.  With one in eight Australians supporting a family member or friend who is unwell, that amounts to thousands of people at risk of depression.

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