SOfASD Submission to Expert Panel on ACT's caged student

SOfASD made a submission to the ACT's Expert Panel on Students with Complex Needs and Challenging Behaviour.

SOfASD's submission has the following conclusions.

We expect a whitewash from the Expert Panel. Given its composition, it seems unlikely that there will be the adverse finding that are needed to drive improvement. But if there are adverse findings, the ACT Government will sweep them under the carpet as soon as it believes it can get away with it.

There is a lot of evidence that the existing systems for educating children with ASD in the ACT are inadequate and inappropriate. The “boy in the cage” is just an indicator that the required behavioural supports are not available.

The ACT Government refuses to use Behavioural Science in addressing challenging behaviour. A major policy change is required.

In the extremely unlikely event that the ACT Government wants to change its approach to challenging behaviour, there would need to be real consultation with stakeholders. And the ACT Government would need to find a Minister who can actually deliver a change in approach. 

The full submission can be downloaded from the link below.