NDIS planning for adults with severe autism/ASD in the ACT

In this video Bob Buckley describes his recent experiences with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) planning. His advice tries to help others prepare for their transition to the NDIS. He suggests that people can reduce their stress over NDIS planning if they better understand the processes and likely outcomes.

Bob Buckley's son (who is 23yo with severe autism) has one of the earlier NDIS plans approved in the ACT. The process took 11 days and delivered substantially more support/resources than was previously provided. The plan is much more flexible than the previous arrangement.

In Bob son's case, the planning process flowed smoothly and was not stressful for his family. This may have been because they were prepared for the planning process and knew mostly what to expect.

Note: the video is independent of the National Disability Insurance Agency.