ACT Government report on autism spectrum disorder and the NDIS

In May 2013, Ms Burch MLA, ACT Minister for Disability, tabled a report entitled "Report on support provided for autism diagnosis and services and the potential for further reforms resulting from the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the National Plan for School Improvement". Normally reports like this are made publicly available. Since SOfASD could not find a copy of the report on any ACT Government website, we requested a copy of the report from the Minister. After 11 months and several further requests, the Minister gave us an electronic copy of the report.

You can download a copy using the link below.

The report is very disappointing. It contains many errors that would have a serious negative impact on planning of services and supports for people with autism spectrum disorder. Errors include under-estimating of the number of people in Australia with autism by a factor of three. Such an error would mean people with autism got 1/3 of the services they need or two in three people would miss out completely.

The ACT Government's report contained so many errors and so much misinformation that Bob Buckley wrote a review of the ACT Government's report call "Really?" to present some of the relevant evidence. The Really? report is available at