NDIS workshop: for and by people affected by autism spectrum disorder

SOfASD (Chair, Bob Buckley´╗┐) is holding a free NDIS workshop in the MacArthur Room in the Ainslie Football Club on the 14th April at 7.30pm. You are all welcome to attend.

Date/Time: 7:30pm 14th April 2014
Location: MacArthur Room, Ainslie Football Club

The purpose of the workshop is to help people affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to understand and prepare for the coming National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in the ACT. The NDIS will start in the ACT in July 2014. It will be the main vehicle for disability services and support for the foreseeable future.

The workshop will have one or more short presentations; then move audience questions and discussion of the issues and concerns of people who are affected by ASD. This workshop is meant to focus on people affected by ASD, rather than from a Government or disability service provider perspective. And it will shamelessly take an ASD perspective ahead on a generic disability perspective. Note: people interested in the NDIS and other disabilities are welcome, but please to understand there are specific issues for ASD that will be discussed and we do not have specific knowledge of other disability types.

For example, the current NDIS eligibility criteria relating to ASD are gobbledygook (see http://a4.org.au/node/794); that is, in their current form, NDIS eligibility for people with ASD does not make sense and could not be used to decide whether or not a person with ASD is eligible for the NDIS. The workshop will suggest how families involving ASD in the ACT can prepare for their initial NDIS eligibility assessment ... and for subsequent NDIS processes.

Officials from the NDIS and from AAACT will join us to make short presentations and to participate in discussions.

People may be interested to review the following webpages about the NDIS in the ACT:

The presentatiomns from the worksop are available for downloading on the webpage http://sofasd.org.au/d7/node/54