Autism submissions to ACT budgets are just wasted effort

Again, the ACT Government is calling for submissions to its coming budget (see So far, budget submissions from the autism/ASD community have been wasted effort. Recent budget submissions from the autism/ASD community can be downloaded from the links below. The ACT Government shows no interest in input from the autism/ASD community; it just ignored previous submissions. The families and carers of people with autism/ASD already have enough to do without the ACT Government putting them through this fruitless exercise each year. The problem appears to be that the ACT Government simply does not understand that people with autism/ASD often have different needs from people with other disabilities. They think that building wheelchair accessible bus stops and providing wheelchair accessible taxis will ensure equitable outcomes for people with autism/ASD. Of course, the autism/ASD community will be happy to provide input once they receive a commitment from the ACT Government to consider what their views; or even just a credible recognition that the outcomes people with ASD currently experience in the ACT need to be improved substantially.