FoI: AFP (ACT police) training related to Autism Spectrum Disorder

The police in the ACT made various statements to our Legislative Assembly and to the media. SOfASD wanted more detail.

The first request was  ...

... for any information held by the AFP showing that autism is a mental health issue, or that ACT police or other parts of the ACT Government regard autism as a mental health issue.

This response shows training material about Intellectual Disability that fails to properly represent issues relevent to autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The second request was ...

... for information about the autism or mental health training that the AFP started on the 17th February 2020.

Clearly, training for the AFP relating to autistic people is grossly inadequate. Emails suggest it was "limping along". There was no consultation with the autiusm community in the ACT about what might be needed and how to go about it.

There are no discernible outcomes.