Autistic lives matter too

The ACT Government's response so far to community concern (in relation to a letter from the community) seeĀ  is completely unacceptable. An FoI revealed that ACT Health officials dropped (ignored?) Ministerial instructions to review services for autistic Canberrans. Despite contact with health and mental health ministers, there is no discernible progress since despite commitments "to get back to us in a couple of weeks".

SOfASD has heard nothing since.

Subject: Autistic lives matter too
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 08:48:31 +1000
From: Bob Buckley (SOfASD Chair) <>
To: RATTENBURY <>, Rachel Stephen-Smith <>

Dear Ministers

SOfASD is deeply disappointed that we still have not heard anything about your government's alleged review of health and mental health services for autistic Canberrans.

Autistic lives matter too.


Bob Buckley

Chair, Speaking Out for Autism Spectrum Disorder (SOfASD)

a voice for people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the ACT