Advocacy for ASD in Canberra/ACT

Senior psychologists are highly experienced in behaviour management. Really?

Dear Mr Rattenbury

Thank you for your response to Bob Buckley (25/2/2016). He shared it with Speaking Out for Autism Spectrum Disorder (SOfASD).

While it seems the ACT Government plans some expenditure on issues arising from restraint of autistic students (or students with complex needs including behaviour, if you prefer) in ACT schools, SOfASD remains disappointed in what we can discern of the plans.

special needs transport for autistic students in the ACT - responses

Below are responses to SOfASD's email to the ACT Government and to the NDIA ... see 

Most of the content is in the attached letters. You can download them using the links.

Basically, the gist of the matter is that ACT Eduction Directorate and the NDIA will be working out special needs transport for students in the ACT  before it moves to the NDIA sometime soon. The Director for Families and Students wants to meet (SOfASD) to discuss concerns and hear experiences.

special needs transport for autistic students in the ACT

Dear Mr Barr MLA and Mr David Bowen (NDIA CEO),

Parents, families and carers have raised concerns about physical access to special needs education for autistic students in the ACT. Some autistic children need transport so they can access their school/education.

International law says children (which includes autistic children) have a right to free primary (and secondary) education. Children's education is the state's responsibility, not their parent's. Student must be able to access their education physically.


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