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What about autistic Ken Behrans?

Once again, the ACT Government has failed autistic people in the ACT. They created a secret "disability health strategy" without mentioning autism.

Late last week, SOfASD's chair, who happens to also be A4's Convenor, was invited to a disability health "roundtable" and provided with a secret strategy paper. The only mention of autism in the 83 page paper is in a quote from a European document that suggests autism is a sub-diagnosis of intellectual disability. Autism is not mentioned at all in the Australian (or ACT) context.

ACT's dysfunctional support for autistic people

like a stop sign but says "No. Wrong door."
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 10:48:19 +1000
From: Bob Buckley (SOfASD Chair) <>
Organisation: Speaking Out for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory
To:, Andrew Barr <>
CC: Sara Stanley <>, Ms Emma Davidson MLA <>,,, Rachel Stephen-Smith <>, Craig Shannon (PWDACT) <>,,

Dear Chief Minister

I write to you as a systemic advocate for autistic people. Systemically, the ACT Government's former "no wrong door" policy has become a "no right door" policy. Note: the "no wrong door" policy was missing its punctuation, while the "no right door" has none.The letter below asks that a person who lodged multiple complaints with the ACT Police complaints department some time ago is asked "to contact them herself" apparently to lodge another complaint about complaints not being processed. This suggested course of action is:


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