ACT Government on behaviour management/support for ASD

25 May 2010

MR DOSZPOT: Thank you, Madam Chair. Under output 1.2, therapy services, budget book 4, page 376—and, minister, I direct this question to you—does the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services have any employees who are a board certified behaviour analyst, BCBA, or a board certified associate behaviour analyst, BCABA? And if so, how many and in what roles? 

Ms Burch: Thank you, Mr Doszpot, for that technical question. I might ask Ros Hayes if she can answer that or we might have to take that on notice. I am not quite sure. It was quite a technical descriptor of staff. 

Ms Hayes: We do not actually use the ABA intervention method and therefore I do not keep a record of staff who are qualified in that area. But I am aware that one of the psychologists who work in our autism team does have those qualifications. But I am not sure at what level. 

Note: the first BCBA took up residence recently (early 2015). So Ms Hayes misinformed the Committee.

28 May 2010

MR DOSZPOT: Can you tell us if the department has looked or would be considering employing people who are board certified behavioural analysts, BCBA? Or board certified associate behavioural analysts

MR BARR: The answer to the Member’s question is as follows:–

Psychologists employed by the Department of Education and Training must be registered with the ACT Psychologists Board. The Department of Education and Training has no knowledge of “board certified behavioural analysts” and is not currently considering their employment . 

Note: the ACT Government employs people with other titles, such as counsellor, so that their psychologists and behaviour support staff don't have to be registered. The ACT Psychologist Board does not register people as having skill in behaviour science.