(partial?) response from ACT Education Minister

Still no meeting with ACT Education Minister. sad

Education Minister, Ms Yvette Berry MLA, responded to SOfASD's email (13/4/2017) saying:

  • "The Education Directorate is committed to providing early intervention" however, it shut down its early intervention for ASD (its AIUs) as soon as the NDIS arrived.
  • "The Education Directorate is committed to ... evidence based behaviour support" yet it refuses to employ/engage any register behavioural clinicians (the only registered behavioural clinicians in Australia have international registration as Board Certified Behavior Analysts, see https://bacb.com).
  • the ACT Minister for Health and Wellbeing is now aware of our request (that behavioural clinicians be resistered) but we have not heard anything from Ms Meegan Fitzharris MLA.
  • parents should "raise their concern with the school in the first instance". We can be confident that this approach will be completely pointless.

Most of the concerns that SOfASD raised remain unaddressed.