reasons autism teacher training was discontinued

Dear Bob

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the discontinuation of inclusive education in autism courses at the University of Canberra.

The decision was made to close the postgraduate course offerings in 2013-14 due to a lack of enrolments, with the ACT Department of Education no longer contracting the University to offer the Graduate Certificate.

We meet or exceed the national requirements for teacher education in relation to preparing our students to effectively teach autistic children. All of our teaching courses are registered by the ACT Teachers Quality Institute and are recognised as teaching qualifications throughout Australia, combining teaching theory and practical experience.

The University of Canberra, through its Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics, is committed to the education of autistic children. The measures for success of our graduates are a part of the course accreditation requirements and we meet or exceed these in all of our courses. Our staff are also making valuable contributions towards the education of autistic children. Emeritus professor Anthony Shaddock conducted the recent review of disability education in the ACT and has subsequently been appointed as a strategic advisor to the ACT government.  

The University also delivers the mandatory Disability Standards in Education Training to teachers in all States and Territories.  To date we have provided this training to more than 300,000 teachers.

Prof. Geoff Riordan
Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics
University of Canberra

Office location: 7B8

Executive Assistant: 

Ms Kylie Reece

ph. 6201 2153


Sent: 11/10/2016 2:44:50 PM

Dear sir/madam

We notice from the List of Discontinued Course 2013-14 on your website that the following courses are no longer available at your University.

  • Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Education in Autism
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Inclusive Education in Autism
  • Master of Inclusive Education in Autism

Given that the number of autistic children/students in Australian schools continues to grow substantially and education outcomes for autistic people in Australia are abysmal, we would like to know the reason(s) why your University discontinued these courses.

We are also interested in knowing what training your University provides for its teaching graduates to improves education outcomes specifically for the growing number of autistic students in Australian schools. And what are the measures of success of this specific training (that is, teaching autistic students)?



Bob Buckley
Chair, Speaking Out for Autism Spectrum Disorder (SOfASD)
a voice for people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the ACT